Protecting and serving since 1882

Lawrence-cedarhurst fire department

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The volunteer members of Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department are asking for your financial support. As a resident or business owner of the Lawrence or Cedarhurst community, our volunteers provide you with around the clock fire and emergency medical protection.

We can proudly state that members of the Department are carrying on the tradition that is over 133 years old. We have made a commitment to devote our time for intensive training and response to emergencies when they occur. Our members do not receive any monetary compensation! We do this because we care about you, your family, our business owners and our community.

Over the years the introduction of various types of responses to fire and rescue operations has changed so that members are continuously upgrading their knowledge and expertise. When the alarm sounds, your volunteer firefighters and fire medics respond with professional skills to structure fires, hazmat spills, carbon monoxide incidents, auto accidents and boating related incidents on the waterways.

We are now into our 2017 Fund Drive campaign and we would appreciate your generous donation. Together we can make a difference! Please send your tax-deductible contribution along with the donation request form in the envelope provided.

For general questions please contact us on our business number, 516-569-0042.

Sincerely yours,

Chief David S. Campbell
Chief of Department


For your convenience, contributions can now be online using PAYPAL, which accepts all major credit cards.

Checks can be made payable to
and mailed to

Please help us to help you by contributing as generously as you can. Your donation is urgently needed and greatly appreciated.